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control is bred by desperation

Have you ever noticed that whenever a profession is slipping out of first place, tactics get a little more desperate? Whenever something is falling out of favor, and the former experts are getting a little grey around the temples, suddenly there’s a last-ditch grab for control.

I’ve seen it in countless situations. It happened with old-school barbers. It happened with film vs digital photographers. I’m even seeing it start to happen with online marketers.

Here’s how it plays out in real life.

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The internet of yesterday

The internet of yesterday wasn’t bulletproof, but you might say it was bullet-resistant.

It wasn’t regulated. It was totally distributed. It wasn’t dependent upon anything other than existing telephone infrastructure.


The allure of B-movies from the eighties and what I’m doing about it

It’s a sort of pathology, but I love B-list movies. So late last year, I decided to start a website dedicated to B movies and the celebrities that star in them.