apps, communities, websites, and other internet-based ventures that I have either created, bought, co-founded, or run.

I cofounded Discosloth with Anya. Discosloth is a technical marketing consultancy focusing on paid advertising, search optimization, and web analytics. We’re an entirely remote company, with team members across the US and Europe.

I cofounded Acousticult with Jed, whom I knew from growing up in Arkansas. It’s a music community revolving around videos, reviews, interviews, and general history of folk, bluegrass, and acoustic music.

A repository of cult classic movies & actors. One of the more ridiculous (and successful) internet communities I’ve created. I cofounded Cult Celebrities with Stu, a buddy from college who is an absolute encyclopedia of film trivia.

I bought a defunct website,, which was originally started in 2005. I’m now trying to resurrect it by translating the original content into English. It’s still very much a work in progress and labor of love.

I bought another defunct website, the former Audiophile Magazine. Our goal is to turn this magazine into and resource with information and news targeted towards budget audiophile nerds.

I created VinylSwap as an app to let users upload their vinyl records & barter them with other users. It’s fully functional, but I’ve gone on to other projects…so if you’d like to take the app over, let me know.

Anya is from Moldova, and I’ve spent a lot of time there, so I decided to create this timeline of Moldovan history from antiquity to present.