I run a lot of projects around the internet. Some of them are so silly and ridiculous I won’t mention them here, but if you send me a message I might tell you about some of them. Here are some of my more successful (or interesting) ventures.


I cofounded Discosloth with Anya. We’re a small search marketing consultancy focusing on paid advertising and web analytics.


I cofounded Acousticult with Jed, whom I knew from growing up in Arkansas. It’s a music community revolving about videos, reviews, interviews, and history of folk, bluegrass, and acoustic music.

Cult Celebrities

A repository of cult classic movies & actors. One of the more ridiculous (and successful) internet communities I’ve created. I cofounded Cult Celebrities with Stu, a buddy from college who is an absolute encyclopedia of film trivia.

I really like BMWs. So I found a dormant expired domain which had been around since 2005, and I’m in the process of developing an technical & informational site for BMW enthusiasts. Still a work in progress!

History of Moldova

Anya is from Moldova, and I’ve spent a lot of time there, so I decided to create this timeline of Moldovan history from antiquity to present.