I write nonfiction books targeting the technical creative, mostly focused on digital marketing, travel, remote work, and entrepreneurship.

Write The Other Way (2015) subtitled “how to have fun & not die in other countries” is a short nonfiction piece written near the end of my five years of freelance photojournalism, covering projects for nonprofit organizations in Costa Rica, India, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and finally covering the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.

Becoming A Digital Marketer (2019) is a book intended for entry-level marketers and small business owners, on how to gain the hard and soft skills required for success in the industry. This book, which I co-wrote with my wife Anya, is on the syllabus for a handful of college courses including at Gonzaga University, West Virginia Wesleyan, and others.

Making Remote Work Work (2020) comes from over a decade of my personal experience in working remotely – as a freelancer, as an employee, and finally as a remote company cofounder. It’s focused on helping small businesses build remote teams, as well as insight on what to look for when you’re an individual pursuing a remote position.

Becoming A Web Analytics Expert (est. 2021) A planned book focusing on the hard & soft skills necessary for success in measuring and reporting internet metrics.