The Iconoclast

iconoclast (n): 1. Someone who attacks cherished institutions or beliefs.

The Iconoclast is my free weekly newsletter sent on Friday mornings. I write about technology, marketing, contrarian investing, laissez-faire capitalism, good beer, strong coffee, big guns and fast cars.

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Who is this newsletter for?
Everybody who’s upset at the world, and enjoys hot takes.

Am I assured quality content in this newsletter?
Look, this is a free newsletter, not a pair of boots. My wife reads it before I hit send. Blame her if it’s sub-par.

Will I be offended?
I hope not.

Will anyone be offended?
Look, this isn’t the back of a cereal box.

Who made you the expert?
Who makes anyone an expert? Other experts. Experts are overrated.

“The final test of truth is ridicule.”
– H.L. Mencken