I’m originally from Little Rock, Arkansas but I currently live in Eastern Europe.

I’ve been to 41 countries. I add more each year.

I co-founded Discosloth, a digital advertising consulting firm which is focused on results rather than jargon. We work in sectors across the world, with an emphasis on  European, United States, and Australian markets.

I’m a fan of blockchain, international business, digital development, decentralization, and German cars.

Successes and failures:

  • wearing a hazmat suit through a Liberian ebola unit during the 2014 outbreak
  • taking 18 flights around the world to 6 countries in 40 days
  • bribing a Kenyan border guard $65 to let me leave the country
  • hiking on a glacier in New Zealand
  • scuba diving in Bali
  • getting pulled over by police with AK-47s while driving a Mitsubishi in Monrovia
  • walking through Chernobyl
  • getting poisoned from Moroccan street food
  • buying some antibiotics for $2 in a Cambodian street market to get over the Moroccan food poisoning

Countries visited: Liberia, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Morocco, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Iceland, Ireland, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Monaco, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Austria, Moldova, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States, Australia, New Zealand


I’ve written a book, Write The Other Way: Or, How To Have Fun And Not Die In Other Countries, which covers some things I’ve done like filming a Liberian ebola unit in a hazmat suit, riding a beater motorcycle around Uganda, being stranded in northern India, and turning down baggies of cocaine in Costa Rica.

Other places I’ve been interviewed in: