selling their own fantasies

Would you go to the gym and hire a 400-pound man as a physical trainer?

No, of course not.

I wonder about the mentors, the gurus, the life coaches, the business strategists, the financial advisors. They fill my inbox and ring my phone, every single day. I can show you hundreds of my LinkedIn messages proving that these folks can do everything. Increase your sales, wealth, happiness, productivity, peace, health, profits.

Mentors, life coaches, business strategists, gurus – all different manifestations of the same person, someone who wants me to pay him to tell me how he can improve my personal development. 

Some fellow (we’ll call him Eugene) leapt into my messages a while back, offering life coaching services.

“Hi Gil. I noticed you’ve excelled as an entrepreneur for some time now. Respect. I’m offering 15 minutes of coaching on a theme of your choice. Interest?”

I declined, saying I was a bit busy, and his response was “The coaching is always worth the time.”

What have you created, Eugene? What have you built?

There is nothing wrong with having a mentor. But a true mentor doesn’t charge you for his wisdom. He is either altruistically interested in you enough to help out of pure goodwill, or perhaps he believes in you so much that he will invest in your company. No real mentor charges you for advice. That’s called a business consultant, and a good consultant has direct, hands-on experience.

All of these growth hackers, personal development gurus, agency building ninjas, life coaches, 10X scaling strategists, have any of them actually created what they’re teaching?

If they had created seven-figure companies, why aren’t they still running them? Why, then, are they going to Tony Robbins seminars and slobbering over Grant Cardone’s latest diatribe?

They are selling their own fantasies.

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