Have you heard of cooping?

It’s fairly obscure, but bear with me. Oftentimes you’ll notice that people like to complain about the present: they’ll complain about things like the economy, or Obama getting re-elected, or taxes, or the sad state of television, etc. And these same folks will glorify days past and yearn for better years.

There weren’t any better years. There used to be cooping.

Back in the 19th century, the Victorian days where everyone was obviously morally upright and all the statesmen of America were admirable men, “cooping gangs” were formed by political candidates in order to boost their vote count.

Cooping gangs would wander the streets, kidnap people, drug them, force them to vote for a particular candidate, change their clothes, force them to vote again, and often kill them when they were through.

We might be upset that Obama uses drones to blast away little people, but you should probably be thankful that you aren’t in danger of being kidnapped by a cooping gang, forced to vote for someone, and then killed.

It’s been bad for a while, guys. It just happens that they have robot planes now instead of wandering thieves.

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