Becoming A Digital Marketer

I’m excited to announce a book that has been in the works for a long time. It’s got the super-thrilling title Becoming A Digital Marketer: Gaining the Hard & Soft Skills for a Tech-Driven Marketing Career and is now available for order.

Anya and I spent a long time writing this one, and I hope it shows. It covers both the hard skills and the soft skills required for success in the digital marketing industry, a dog-eat-dog field if I ever saw one.

I’d like to thank our editor, Anna Packer, for her hard work at getting this thing in tiptop shape. She doesn’t like me to use the word “nice”, though, which is a word I really like using. It’s an all-encompassing, easy, no-nonsense word. Anna said that I should use more descriptive words like “appealing”, but I think the word nice is appropriate for things I just don’t feel that passionate about.

Check out the book on Amazon, buy it, leave a review if you liked it or hated it.

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