Franz Josef Glacier


After several years in the creative side of marketing, I realized that even the most compelling media doesn’t do anything if people don’t see it. Notable projects included producing fundraising film in Liberia during 2014 Ebola outbreak, media for development organizations in Costa Rica, India, Uganda, Kenya, and South Africa, and branding strategies for dozens of other NGOs.

After this, I worked in special projects at AirTreks, a round-the-world airfare company. Led content marketing & branding design strategies. Produced 18 videos, including a micro-doc filmed across 6 countries with 18 flights in 40 days.

In 2017, Anya and I co-founded Discosloth, a search marketing company providing PPC (pay-per-click) & SEO (search engine optimization) via partnerships with companies and agencies through white labeling.

Media I’ve Been Interviewed In:

Marketing & Digital Development Articles I’ve Authored

For the past several years I’ve regularly written articles on marketing, blockchain, and business development. I’ve collected them here so I don’t forget where they’re published (and for your reading pleasure):

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