Guanajuato, Mexico

Drive a couple hours south of the Texas border, and Mexico is more like a medieval Tuscan village than the violent images conjured in our media.

San Miguel de Allende is an old silver-mining colonial town in the state of Guanajuato, with an altitude ranging from six to eight thousand feet.

Calle Sollano, Mexico

We spent a couple days exploring with a San Felipe family. Jose and Rafael took us to La Hacienda Jarral de Berrio, a massive abandoned palace in the middle of the high desert. We paid a couple hundred pesos to some kids in a pickup truck, and they unlocked the padlock and let us have free roam of the grounds.

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The greatest thing about Mexico is the speed limits & the roads. I’d say that the roads are at least as good as your average Arkansan freeway, and although the technical speed limit is 50-60mph, most residents are easily cruising at 100-110mph.


We only made it to 130-ish.