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The Power Of Incentive

The industrial revolution kicked off a wave of growth that the world hadn’t seen in centuries. The simple concept of leverage suddenly eliminated the need for productivity from being tied directly to the amount of labor or thought a single person can generate: and this wave has built over the years. Sometimes ebbing and flowing, but boosted by a few wars and technological developments until much of the developed world hardly has to work in order to survive. Continue reading The Power Of Incentive

The Internet Of Yesterday

The internet of yesterday wasn’t bulletproof, but you might say it was bullet-resistant.

It wasn’t regulated. It was totally distributed. It wasn’t dependent upon anything other than existing telephone infrastructure.

As the internet has matured, it’s now considerably less bulletproof. It’s regulated now – not only can authoritarian governments shut down access completely, as has been the case in various Arab Spring uprisings, but it can selectively filter what content can be accessed, as is the case with China’s Great Firewall, and selectively monitor what it’s citizens are doing online, as is the case with the United States’ internal security apparatchik’s data collection and analysis programs. Continue reading The Internet Of Yesterday