a little bit about me

I grew up in Arkansas. Since then, I've traveled quite a bit, 45 countries to date. Before entering the internet, I was one of those creative types freelancing for NGOs, wearing hazmat suits, and riding beat-up African motorcycles. I've eaten Ugandan turkey eggs, buffalo chai, and worse. I'm married to Anya and have a slightly more stable life now. I mostly just click around on the internet and build projects. In my spare time, I'm learning two languages: Python and Russian.


Write The Other Way (2015) - My past life as a freelance photographer, covering projects in India, Costa Rica, Uganda, Kenya, and Liberia during Ebola.
Becoming A Digital Marketer (2019) - A guide for the beginning marketer, covering the hard & soft skills required for a tech-driven career in marketing.


Discosloth - the best search marketing company.
Cult Celebrities - repository of cult classic movies & actors.
VinylSwap.org - free trading platform for record enthusiasts.
RemoteFolk.com - job board for Eastern Europe.
History of Moldova - Moldova from antiquity to present.
CultDB.org - An informational database of cults.

Favorite things

Led Zeppelin, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Blade Runner, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, BMWs, Pink Floyd, Silversun Pickups, Mad Max 2, Stranger Things, Jamie xx, Daft Punk, How I Met Your Mother, Touch Sensitive, the Rolling Stones, Blitzen Trapper, coffee, Weezer, The Police, Seinfeld, Alien.

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